Tune in to Bird Songs

Thank you Mrs McGall for reminding us about the RSPB Big Bird Watch. We love being able to take part in nursery so this year we hope that all our pupils will be able to do it at home and submit their results on the RSPB website.

It is really important that we all remember it doesn't matter where you live – city, town or countryside, our children will see birds almost every day. By finding out about the birds the children share their gardens with, they will start to become more aware of the world around us.

PSE, Early Maths, WAU, Physical, The Arts

Building a bird hide is a great way to encourage understanding, imagination and patience! Watching for birds, after your hide is built will allow the children experience what it is like to bird watch - quiet and slow. Perhaps feed the birds and prep your bird houses and bird tables a little more than usual the day you do your bird watch!

Last but definitely not least - Language and listening

If for any reason you find it difficult to spot the birds, let along identify their markings, one thing you can do instead is listen. One thing birds are known for is their songs and their calls, so encourage children to explore this aspect. There are several website that provide bird song audio to help identify birds by the sounds they make including



Woodland Trust

There are also a lot of different videos of birds and their songs available on Youtube Kids as well so you can enjoy these together with your children. Play the bird song and then discuss with them why they think birds sing and have their own calls.

When the weather is good, get out in the garden. Listening to the birds singing in the sunshine could be the making of memories for you and your child.

Please note: Remember to turn of "Autoplay" when watching Youtube or Youtube kids.