Some Morning Maths

While we stay at home to minimize the spread of Covid-19,let’s all step back, slow down and focus on building a strong foundation of maths through hands-on learning activities we can do at home.

Bring out a deck of cards, a pair of dice, a board game or a puzzle, baking scales, a ruler or even just a washing basket of different socks that need sorting. Just relax and play with your child or children! Like Mrs Coulter always says, "Maths is everywhere!"

This month enjoy the time to return to what we know works best, hands-on play.

If you feel you have exhausted all the play opportunities in your home and on our video talks on the app, you may as well head into the kitchen and whip up some comfort food, which will foster the development of early maths skills once again!

Don't forget to send us your photos!

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