Snacks and sums

A photo sent to our learning journal this week has prompted me to revisit an idea from one of our fantastic parents during the last lockdown in 2020...

A tuck shop!

I think every parent I have spoken to, including all of my friends, have all said one of the biggest obstacles to keeping their children on task during home learning activities is the continuous cry of "I'm hungry..." I know it is in this house!

To overcome this problem, it was suggested that the children are given a set amount of money (or tokens or even buttons) every day to spend on snacks. The healthiest snacks are obviously going to be the cheapest, while the more unhealthy snacks will cost a lot more.

Children love role play and while they have fantastic imaginations many of their games involve mimicking the things they see in everyday life, therefore developing important life skills. When children role play they are practising their decision making and social skills, experimenting with how to behave and making sense of the world around them. Providing this opportunity through a pretend tuck shop in the kitchen is one of the best, but simplest ways you can provide these experiences at home.

To develop the idea further it could even be suggested that the grown ups also have a set amount to spend on snacks!

Playing together requires negotiation, cooperation and understanding as children swap roles. If they want to be both the shop keeper and the customer, they will need to learn to take turns, and in order to have fun together they will have to share.

Go to our resources page to download a copy of a typical "tuck shop" menu or edit it to create one of your own. (Twinkl)

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