Our Green Flag

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the changes that this has made to the school landscape, KNIB Eco Schools program has created guidance that will help us navigate the Eco-Schools programme and Green Flag process.

Our Eco Commitee:

Mrs McGall

Mrs McMullan

Harry (our caretaker)

Paul (our parent helper)

All of our pupils at Ballymena Nursery and their families!

Our Topics:

While we cover most of the Eco topics through our daily learning activities while at nursery, we have chosen the following to focus on for our home elearning activities.

Main topic - Biodiversity

Sub topics -

Litter / Waste

Outdoor learning

How it works...

Our Action Plan can be found here. It outlines how we are going to approach our eco learning for the school year.

Our Eco Code is reviewed every year. Currently we are happy with the one we have, using the familiar tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star it teaches the children our key learning points of our Eco School action plan.

We encourage all of the children to get involved with our eco activities so stay tuned to your home learning posts to see what you can do.

Earlier in the year, Mrs McMullan's class carried out the environmental review of the nursery, to see what we are doing well and what we can improve. We are looking forward to getting back in school to see if this changes throughout the year. We didn't get to do it last year du to covid cutting the year short so hopefully we get back to nursery soon. We miss working with you boys and girls!

What can you do from home...

Keep an eye on your online journal to participate in our home learning activities and provide photos and feed back.

Design a poster for our Eco Code. You can copy the lyrics of use the template here.

Send your teachers posts of anything you are doing from home that will fit in to our topics.

Visit the Eco School website -

While it is aimed at primary / secondary pupils, the website provides information for eco warrior parents who are interested in fostering a positive attitude towards the environment in their mini warriors. The key tabs to browse are -




Keep in touch everyone. Stay safe x

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