Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful

"Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful is an environmental charity dedicated to making Northern Ireland a cleaner and more pleasant place in which to live."

This website is the central hub for environmental change in Northern Ireland and for Eco Schools. While we cannot take part in our Eco School activities this year, we can now use their resources to take part in "Eco Home".

"Eco-Home seeks to support and advise householders on ways to save money on their household bills whilst at the same time protecting the environment. The programme focuses on the themes of waste, energy, water and transport and extends the eco-schools message beyond the school gates and into the wider community.

Getting involved in the Eco-Home programme is easy. Read through the Eco-Home Themes page and then access the current tips, advice and action plans on ways to prevent and reduce energy and waste use in the home, conserve water and find out about sustainable travel options."

There is a section where parents can apply to become a member and get sent additional tips and tricks directly, as well as a kids section. While the content of the kids section is aimed towards older children, there are some activities that our nursery children can help with, as well as the rest of the family.

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful is also currently carrying out an Environmental Engagement Index to find our what's most important to you about where you live, and what should change to make it better? Please take a few moments to fill out this survey with your children to allow KNIB, Live Here Love Here, Queen's University & DAERA find out more about attitudes towards the environment here in Northern Ireland.

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