Christmas Show and Tell

Next week we would have been settling back into nursery after the Christmas break with a fun activity – a special week long show and tell! Whichever way a family celebrates Christmas, we love that the children share in each other’s excitement when we listen to our friends discuss the Christmas they had. It helps us learn about one another, whether our gifts are from Santa, Auntie Lisa or Great-Granny June. Whether we receive a small gift, a big toy or a special experience day out. As well as developing positive relationships, enjoying each others’ experiences, Christmas show and tell also helps us develop many other skills – sharing

taking turns



building confidence

This year we will have to do things a little differently. Anyone who would like to "do show and tell" can use the Tapestry app to send a short video of your child talking about and demonstrating their favourite present. This will be enjoyed by us teachers from home - isn't that fantastic, we are so glad we can do that, keeping in touch and still doing our normal activities. If you would like to share your show and tell with your friends send us a single photos and it can be shared on Friday's show and tell for everyone to enjoy.

We love this early entry of a surfer in the making!