Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone – pupils, parents and staff! We hope you are all looking forward to the year ahead.

It was fantastic to see all of the children, playing and enjoying themselves, and representing Ballymena Nursery by wearing their lovely new jumpers. These are still available from the school office and will be available throughout the year if your child needs a new one or a bigger size. Please remember that all items of clothing and personal belongings must be labelled with your child’s name.

While most children are coming in happily, playing for their session and coming home excited, we recognise it may take some longer than others to settle. As a team we will persevere, slowly settling them in, so each child can have the Nursery experience best suited to their needs. We will work together to come up with a plan for each child so that they are not in distress, and that their parents are not feeling stressed. If your child is not settling in well remember that you can be close by without being in the classroom – There is a beautiful Eco walk linked to the entrance of the Nursery car park; Lidl, Sainsburys and Tesco can provide a ten minute distraction, or Costa Coffee is even closer. Remember, mobile phones mean that you are only a phone call away if we need you. Please speak to your class teacher about what is the best solution for your child.

Here at Ballymena Nursery School that staff recognise that there is a lot of information to take in at this time of year, as for the majority of your children, this will be their first experience in education. While we try to break up the paper work into manageable sections we understand that it can be overwhelming. To help with this we always offer parents information sessions at the start of the year. This year they took place over two sessions on the 19th September – so that the information is available for everyone, the presentation is available under our section above “resources“. We hope everyone found the sessions useful, as they provided lots of useful information and gave parents an opportunity to see how our Nursery is run on a day to day basis.

Later this month we will also be hosting a MacMillan Coffee Morning and Afternoon on the 29th September. As well as raising some money for a very worthy cause, we hope this gives parents the chance to get to know each other as they can have a good old chat while they enjoy some tea, coffee and cake! Please speak to your class teacher if you would be available to help with the organisation of this event.


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