The Company – Ballet in Ballymena

The Company – Ballet in Ballymena

Neil Towers from “The Company” dance studio in Newtonards joined us at Ballymena Nursery today to teach us some ballet, through controlled and quiet movements.

Each of the classes was divided into two groups, with each group of 13 pupils receiving a detailed, age appropriate ballet lesson! The children absolutely loved it – even the quietest, most reserved pupils were smiling and laughing as they joined in. The teachers and assistants could not stop smiling – we were thrilled at how well Neil taught the children and adapted his lessons to meet individual needs!

We started by stretching and warming up our bodies, wiggling our toes and and wriggling our fingers. Neil taught us ways to improve our coordination and balance before moving on to bigger movements. We danced and jumped and had the most fun – the photos speak for themselves. We then finished our lesson with lovely pointy toes, long legs and quiet steps when Neil gave each and every child a bow for their performance before we went back to our classrooms.

Thank you so much Neil

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