“The Arts” … much more than art!

“The Arts” … much more than art!


“Music provides children with opportunities to explore feelings and express themselves in ways that support or go beyond verbal communication. Music provides a context for developing creativity, self-confidence and self-esteem, and it can give children endless enjoyment. It helps them learn how to listen, distinguish between sounds and respond to beat and rhythm. This contributes to building a strong foundation for early reading and mathematical development.”

NI Preschool Curricular Guidance

Providing musical experiences at home

  • listen to and join in singing rhymes and songs;
  • listen to a variety of music;
  • respond to music by clapping, marching, swaying or nodding;
  • respond to music by moving expressively, dancing for fun;
  • listen to and talk about sounds around the home and outside;
  • make music using everyday objects;
  • make and use their own musical instruments; 
  • watch music performances online


“Drama allows children to express their feelings and imagination in both verbal and non-verbal ways. Through role-play, dance and mime they enter different worlds as they recreate and invent situations at home, in pre-school, in the community and in their imaginations. Taking part in these activities both indoors and outdoors helps children to develop self-esteem and confidence. It also contributes to their oral language development and their social and emotional development.” 

NI Preschool Curricular Guidance

Providing drama experiences at home

  • suggest role-play scenarios like the doctor or dentist or hairdressers… 
  • join in with children in role-play, model how to take on a character;
  • provide a wide range of dressing-up materials and props;
  • provide a range of resources including puppets, soft toys and small world toys to create scenarios;
  • retell stories and encourage the children to tell their own stories;
  • use your imagination to make up stories and encourage the children to add details to enhance the story and make it relevant to them;

“The Arts” … much more than art! The children need you to provide a wide variety of experiences, model music and drama skills, join in, have fun and be silly. 

“The Arts” … making memories together

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