Tapestry Photos!!!

Good morning everyone!

You have been real troopers and faced these challenging times with smiles and positivity, continually uploading your happy faces and fun activities on our Tapestry app. We are sad that we didn’t get to teach you throughout your whole first year at school, but we are sure that you were all better off at home, and will go on to do great things next year. The small silver lining is that we will get to see some of you returning to nursery as we adapt to the new normal together next year!

As we begin to prepare for the new boys and girls that will be starting nursery with our returners, we do need to to some housekeeping. Throughout today and tomorrow, all of your Tapestry photos will be added to the children’s online journals. You will receive an email on how to download and keep them. This will come from Tapestry and has a limited period of only three weeks. It is advisable to download your photos to a laptop or desktop computer as you can then “extract all” from the file and save all individual photos to your hard drive then choosing individual photos to print for yourself at home or stick on a pen drive and print at most pharmacies.¬†

If you have already saved your photos, thank you so much. Please remind your nursery friends and families to do the same. If you have any difficulty saving your photos please contact me directly with my email provided in your latest Tapestry observation before the 13th of June!!!
Stay safe everyone 
From Mrs McMullan

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