Starting Big School

Starting Big School

By now everyone will have received their letters to tell them what “big school” or new nursery class they will be going to in September. Normally at this time of year Ballymena Nursery School invite all of the P1 teachers to come and visit our pupils at nursery. They love to have a chat with the children and can talk to their nursery teachers about how the pupils and their approach to settling in new environments. Unfortunately this won’t be possible this year. 

Families will still be supported through good communication between home and nursery. As soon as we have any information we will send it to you all. 

Some helpful tips

To help provide children with a smooth transition from this school year, as unusual as it has been, to their new school year it is important where possible:

  • Children should “visit” their new school. This may just be your daily walk for exercise to see your new school if it is nearby. It might also be possible to visit your school’s website or social media sites.
  • Parents should discuss the move to primary school with the children. This would usually take place alongside class discussions in nursery however, being unable to do this, it is important that you reassure your child. Talk about how nice their new school building is, how friendly their new teachers will be, which nursery friends will be with them and how they will meet new friends. 
  • Staff will share with the primary school any information that is to be passed on concerning the child’s progress, any SEN, medical or individual requirements. Parents are asked to be open with staff in the new setting if their are contacted by their child’s new teacher. 
  • When we receive new information, photographs of the P1 teachers etc. it will be posted on Tapestry for groups of children attending different schools. This allows the children to become familiar with their new teacher.

To help prepare your child for a good start you can:

  • ​Develop the children’s independence skills and encourage them to dress themselves, look after their own property e.g. put dirty clothes in the hamper etc.
  • Begin to develop letter and number recognition. Help them to recognise what the name of their new school is, how to write “P1”, to recognise and write their name in lowercase letters.
  • Involve your child in getting ready for school by helping choose the things they will need. Lunchboxes and schoolbags can be bought online.
  • If possible, create a “classroom” at home. Provide the children with an older sibling’s school jumper, school bag, pencil case, lunch box and books. Play schools at home.

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