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Parenting NI established in 1979, as the Parents Advice Centre, provides free support for parents across Northern Ireland. Parenting NI Freephone Helpline and other regional services, initially delivered by volunteers and now by trained staff, has helped thousands of parents, grandparents and others in a parenting role for over 4 decades.

Parenting NI is committed to supporting all parents and ensuring that their voices are heard whenever decisions are made that will affect them. We will continue to or endeavour to deliver a range of high quality support and services to meet parent’s needs

Here at Ballymena Nursery we have a positive relationship with Parenting NI, and highly value the visits they make out to us to talk to our parents. Michelle and Elaine are always welcome as their enthusiasm for their work make parents feels comfortable and confident in their company and advice.

Please take some time to check out their website and make use of the free resources they have made available for everyone to use!

Any parents who have had the chance to attend any of our parenting sessions at nursery where the Parenting NI team have been present, please take a few moments to help them out by completing the surveys below –

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