Parental Involvement

Here at Ballymena Nursery School we always welcome parents to join us in order to enhance their children’s experience while they are with us.

So far this year, we have enjoyed the company of parents sharing their profession with the children in class including a doctor, a dentist and a fireman. If you would like to come to Nursery to talk to the children about your job, skills or talents you will be made very welcome.

Now that we are heading towards the third term we hope to head out doors. When the weather starts to heat up we will also be looking for more parent volunteers to help us with our outside pursuits, both in the Nursery garden and further afield. Please keep this in mind and if you think you can help, let your child’s teacher know.

Our recent “Stay and Play” days are proving very popular with both parents and the children! There are lots of sessions still available if you would like to come into Nursery to “Stay and Play” with your own child and their classmates. This is a great opportunity to see what exactly the day in the life of a 3 or 4 year old is like.

Thanks to all who shared a “Coffee and Chat” this month and hopefully there will be even more interest at our next “Coffee and Chat” on 12th April, where all parents are invited to stay for tea, coffee, biscuits and buns so that you can get to know one another and find out more about your own child’s Nursery experience – One child’s response to “What did you do today?” may be “Nothing.” But another child may want to retell every tiny detail!

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