Our surprise visitor!

What a month October has been for our Eco efforts! From a simple leaf pile collection to the addition of our hedgehog home, you can check out all our hard work in our Eco school photo gallery.

(Special thanks to Tyler’s mum for spontaneous litter picks in the car park which keep our nursery looking clean, but also keeping our pupils safe! Thank you.)


With all our Eco investigations about autumn animals, it was a great surprise and delight to the children when Paula brought in her “pet” owl Nero!

She told us about where owls live, how they make their homes and how they hunt for dinner. Even the adults were finding out new things. Did you know it takes 2 to “t’wit-t’wooo”? Paula also showed us how even owls have good manners – ┬áNero would only flap his wings for us when we remembered to say “please”.

Thank you Nero for coming to visit us!




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