Nursery Memories – by Courtney Davis

My name is Courtney Davis. At the age of 4, in 2003/04, I joined Ballymena Nursery School. I am now 16 years old and still have crystal clear memories of the great times I had here. Each morning, I would be super enthusiastic to get to nursery to dress up in pretty, sparkly pink dresses and shoes and to get messy with the paints, creating masterpieces to present to my Mum as she came to collect me. Day after day was equally exciting to see all my friends, especially my best friends, Amber and Leah and my teaching assistant Mrs. Davis, who I was greatly fond of. Playing outside was a personal favourite of mine; I would often play “hide and go seek” and would hide in a little tunnel we used to have. I loved to bounce on the trampoline during the hot summer days and to run around playing “Caught – You’re it!” A faint memory of me at Nursery was when a man kindly came to visit us with many cute animals. I remember being able to hold a little, yellow, fluffy chick and my face lit up with delight as it bounced across the palm of my hand.

2016 – Twelve years later, I re-visited Ballymena Nursery for my work experience as I now go to Dunclug College. As I entered, I felt at home straight away as I was greeted with friendly faces. The sweet, familiar smell of Playdoh lingered and as I watched the children as they ran to the door for story time, it began to rejog my memories of how similar my experiences had been. It was extremely magical and crazy at the same time to imagine me being this tiny but most of all, crazy to realise how unbelievably fast time flies.

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