New Year’s Resolutions…

For most people, a new year brings new attitudes. At Ballymena Nursery our attitude towards our Eco School status is having a big push, with the hope that our nursery parents and extended community jump on board.


“ECO – school”                   “Sustainability”                   “Zero Waste”

“3, 4, 5, 6 R’s…? Refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle, rot!”


Thank you to the staff, pupils and especially the parents who helped with the big January clean up which extended beyond our school grounds to help make our environment better for everyone.

Thank you to everyone who continue to make donations towards all of the charities which we support, and those who have provided “new” books for both the parent’s and the children’s lending library.

Please keep an eye out for the change of recycling boxes in the hall over the next few weeks. We are having to change them about a bit to make more room –  Isn’t that great!?!

If you would like to find out more about items that can be donated, how charities reuse them, what the charities do, follow the links below. More will be added over the next few weeks as the changes take place.


Please continue to support nursery school and our efforts to make a better world for the children who come through our doors. Use the bins provided and encourage your children to do so, remember there are food waste bins, paper, plastic, and waste and you can ask your class teacher if you do not know where they are. Card can also be used for junk art in so many different ways. If you have unwanted items at home, like buggies, car seats etc, remember you can post them on or Swap, Share, Sell board in the hall (to the right of the kitchen door) or donate to Cash for Clothing Collection next month.

So, do you think your new year’s resolution can help with ours?

Remember, that advert says it best, every little helps.


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