Maths Materials

Maths Materials

Children need to develop positive feelings about maths and an early age and the best way to do this is to have fun maths experiences with their family at home.

Exploring early maths should always be fun. Allow your child to; count their steps, find the numbers on the neighbours doors, explore shapes on local signs, paint pictures and patterns and colours, make different lengths and sizes of playdough, sort the laundry by colour …

Celebrate and praise all maths discoveries and remember maths is everywhere.

Maths materials to collect at home –

  • coins
  • buttons
  • cotton balls
  • dry pulses and pasta
  • ice lolly sticks
  • rocks and shells
  • bun cases
  • egg cartons
  • small toys like cars or animals
  • measuring cups and spoons
  • bowls and containers
  • tape measure
  • rulers
  • scales
  • watch
  • timer
  • blocks
  • dice
  • jigsaws puzzles
  • magnetic numbers
  • magnetic shapes
  • drawing and writing materials

Other important resources we can recommend, can be found online.

There‚Äôs fun and games for all the family at Maths on Toast. Explore their fun creative maths activities, available to download for free! The activities are suitable for children aged 4-12. 

The computer game Minecraft is also providing free education resources for parents until the end of June. For the children who enjoy Minecraft, it is an excellent way to cram in some STEM learning without them even knowing. Click here to go to their website.

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