Keep Calm and Carry On

It’s natural for all children to worry at times, and because of personality and temperament differences, some may worry more than others. Luckily, parents can help their children learn to manage stress and tackle everyday problems with ease. Children who can do that develop a sense of confidence and optimism that will help them master life’s challenges, big and small.

What might your children be worried about at this time?

Covid-19 and getting sick – Everybody Worries

  • The obvious one being the every changing world around them. Whether in lock down, self isolating or out an about seeing others wearing masks, children will have questions at least about what is going to happen next. While we don’t have the answers we can give them reassurance – use this resource to help them understand

If or when the can start school – I Am Too Absolutely Small For School

  • Changing school or even moving classes. This is a common worry due to the rational fear of the unknown. They won’t know the new layout, the new teacher, if they will make new friends. Please go back to our post Stating Big School for more ideas and share with them the book, Starting School. Some of their questions we can help them with and even if we don’t have the answers we can give them reassurance.

To help your children with worries make sure you talk to them regularly about how they are feeling. Let them know you understand and that it’s a natural way for their brain to process information, their own personal warrior.

And for the grown ups, a little help from Parenting NI

Mums working from home

Dads support through Covid-19

Please feel free to also look at the new materials from the NSPCC available on our resources page, or visit Aware NI for help and support for difficult worries you may be experiencing yourself.

Stay safe

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