Helping young children learn English at home

Helping young children learn English at home

The Education Authority has provided schools throughout Northern Ireland, some advice for Newcomer families who have been learning English while at school. It is really important that this learning continues at home so that when the period of school closures comes to an end, each child has a smooth transition back to using English with ease in everyday life. So what can parents do to help –

Speak your home language

Why? It is part of your child’s culture and identity. If your child has good language skills in your home language, this helps him / her to learn English.

How? Speak in your home language with your child. Read and write in your home language with your child. Watch some programmes in your home language with your child.

Speak English

Why? When your child returns to school, he / she can talk with friends and understand in class.

How? Listen to the radio and watch TV in English with your child. Use the websites and apps listed below. – You can listen to an actor telling a story with pictures. It is very easy to use. You can listen to the stories using YouTube, if you like. – This website has stories from different countries. You can read and listen in different languages.

www. – This website has lots of activities to learn English. You can: Listen and watch a story; Practise reading and writing; Practise speaking; Practise grammar and vocabulary; Play a game

The children have all made great progress in their English language skills so far this year, so keep up the good work everyone. And remember if you want to share your good work with your classmates you can add it to our app.

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