Good Luck Glenn

Good Luck Glenn

Mrs McGall’s husband Glenn came into Nursery today to tell the children about his London marathon run. While the teachers have been talking to the children all week about visiting London, Glenn was able to give the children more information about the marathon itself.

He has helped the children understand all of the things we need to do to keep our bodies fit and healthy. It takes a lot of hard work to run such a long way!

He was also able to explain a little bit about raising money for the charity “Sense,”  and what the charity will be able to do with sponsor money collected for his run.

Our thanks go out to all who have donated money – Glenn has raised over £200 from Ballymena Nursery school – well done boys and girls. Keep an eye out for Glenn on the TV.

A huge “GOOD LUCK” to Glenn from all the children and staff at Ballymena Nursery School!


UPDATE – Glenn completed the marathon in 3 hours 59 minute !

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