Fun on the Farm

The past few days have been very busy and now we’ve all been on our first Nursery School trip!

On Thursday Mrs Coulter’s class and Mrs McGall’s morning class enjoyed a full day of activities at Clementsmount Fun Farm. On Friday it was time for Mrs McMullan’s class and Mrs McGall’s afternoon class to have their turn!

During our bus trip we waved goodbye to the local sights such as the swimming pool, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and even Dunelm. We had the bus driver take us the long way round to the farm so we could see the airport with all its planes and the farm machinery shop outside Crumlin. As soon as we arrived we went to the farm house for our snack of juice and biscuits to give us a quick burst of energy before exploring the farm. The itinerary varied for each of the classes but most of us were able to enjoy all of these activities…

We had time to play in the soft play barn with a ball pool and a super speedy slide. We also had time to play outside on a variety of park equipment, as well as football, mini golf and a HUGE bouncy pillow.  When we walked around the farm we saw lots of animals, visiting Harvey the pig and milking Daisy the cow. We were able to pet some baby rabbits, some guinea pigs and a hedgehog, but Maya the dog was fast asleep…until the black cat woke her up. Some animals were very quiet – The cows were with their calf, the pony was in her stable and the chicks and ducklings were still in their incubators. Some animals were very loud – The peacock made sure we knew he was their, the guinea fowl wanted our attention and the goats just wanted fed!

All four classes ended their day by having their packed lunches before hopping back on the bus for the long nap home. All of this excitement was very tiring!

Thank you to all of the parents and helpers who came with us – We’re sure you slept well that night too!


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