Eco Schools at Eco Home

Eco Schools at Eco Home

Everyone is reducing movement, keeping in contact with Nursery, friends and family remotely. Good work everyone. This has given mother nature a break. News reports of late have all mentioned falling CO2 levels, animals thriving in natural habitats, and clear waters now flowing through previously polluted rivers. As a green flag eco school we want to keep improving the environmental impact our pupils make at home at this time too.

Firstly any activity we take on at home must be safe for all members of the family. Follow all government advice for health and hygiene first, then adapt the suggestion below to suit you and your family. Here are 5 things you can do to be an Eco School at eco home –

  • Remember, only buy the necessities – this encourages family members to use up what is in the cupboards more slowly and thoughtfully; it reduces the amount of waste we throw out each week; it allows everyone to stay at home as much as possible
  • Shop locally, like walk to the shop, locally – if you only buy necessities then you will be able to buy these items locally and there will be less to carry on your walk home; this can also count as your outside exercise; remember to adhere to social distancing rules and respect the rules of local shopkeepers
  • Bin less – the black bin may be the only collection available in your area at the minute so it’s important to reduce your waste; food waste can be composted if you have one in the garden; many items destined for the red bin can be used for arts and crafts. A great example of how the children can help take out the bins in the photo above!
  • Learn together – watch factual programs together with your children; learn about people, places, plants and animals; many of these can be found on CBeebies
  • Don’t join the dark side (Star Wars joke, sorry) – now that the clocks have changed, use natural daylight as much as possible; use natural light to complete tasks and activities, save the evenings to relax

Some of you may have also seen Paul helping at Nursery many times in the past. He is our resident parent helper on our environmental committee as part of our Eco Schools project. Paul has been keeping in touch regularly throughout this period, and while he hasn’t been able to do any Eco work at Nursery, his family have been helping him do his Eco work at home. Go “Team PGB” !

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