Early Mathematical Development

Early Mathematical Development

While we don’t “teach” maths at Nursery, children are using early math skills throughout their daily routines and activities. Early maths doesn’t mean taking out a workbook and calculator during play. We learn about shapes and colours, size and measurements etc. everyday in Nursery through ALL of our classroom activities.

The Preschool Curricular Guidance lists the main areas of early mathematical development as follows –

  • early number
  • shape
  • space
  • size
  • quantity
  • relationships (connections, sorting)
  • pattern, and
  • time

Even before they start Nursery, most children develop an understanding of maths through everyday interactions, counting steps as you go up or down, sharing toys, inset jigsaws… mathematical development is everywhere. Encourage your child to se mathematical language as they play, get them involved in maths activities around the home e.g. cooking, sorting laundry, play board games and activities with their siblings.

Here’s an idea shared by one of our parents –

“My boys are constantly asking for snacks and sweets so we have set up a tuck shop with a price list and toy till at home. We give the boys an allowance each day for snacks. We have priced the healthier items such as fruit and yoghurts cheaper and the sweet snacks more expensive and once their money is spent for the day then it means no more snacks. They have been enjoying playing shop and learning the value of money and counting. They also make healthier choices as they don’t want to spend all their money at once. Win win. Any money left they can carry over. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is on mum 🙂 
Hope everyone is doing ok. Stay safe x”

If you want a template to copy this great idea, head over to our resources, where you can use our worksheet for a “menu” for your own tuck shop at home. If you want to change it daily, you can write it out on a blackboard or whiteboard, or print and laminate the template if you have these facilities at home. Remember if you want to share your photos and ideas with your classmates, you can add them to our Tapestry app.

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