The Big Spring Clean

The Big Spring Clean

Last month, many schools across Northern Ireland were involved in “The Big Spring Clean”

As part of the campaign to “Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful” many schools and other volunteers take part in The Big Spring Clean to tidy up their local area. Here at Ballymena Nursery we worked really hard to tidy up the garden by going outside to pick up all the litter in both the front and back garden. Inside the class room we talked about helping spring clean at home, practised planting some flowers and used lots of recycled materials to create junk art. Mrs McMullan’s class have also started working on a piece of artwork which is going to be made with all the bottle tops you have helped recycle this year.

All of this hard work will go towards our Eco flag and we ask that parents help as well. If you can volunteer your time to work with the children in the garden please let your class teacher know. If you could, please make sure there is no litter in our garden or the area surrounding our school.

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