Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin

Today we enjoyed a session of Sharing from the Start, with a visit from beyond skin. We had fun learning Spanish, and trying on Indian clothes and jewellery, and learning about life in Africa.

Beyond Skin through a diverse team of artists representing over 40 nationalities are very active in schools here and abroad. They take great delight in using creativity and the arts to enable  children to explore the world and their belonging as a global citizen.

We are very pleased to report that the Beyond Skin team had just as much fun as we did…

“I must congratulate your team.  Ballymena Nursery School is an example of education at its best!  As soon as we walked through the doors we felt the school’s welcoming warmth, love and care for each other.
We know it is an extremely challenging time for teachers in the current climate so we recognise the hard work that must go on behind the scenes to ensure the children get the best education and care.”
Darren, Beyond Skin

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