At home activities – Old MacDonald

At home activities – Old MacDonald

Whether you live in the countryside or the town, are connected to farming or not, preschoolers love to explore the world on the farm and Old MacDonald is a firm favourite. 

Arts – Enjoy Old MacDonald videos online to dance and join in with the sounds and actions. Add some role play with dressing up as the farmer or animals.

WAU – Find out more about animals on the farm using non-fiction books, pictures and posters, go online or out and about to see some in their fields.

EMD – Using small world animals you can sort them into different “fields” or “trailers” using paper, fabric or cardboard boxes. You can count the animals at the end to see how many you have. 

PD – Again using small world toys, practise stacking hay bales and making fences. If you don’t have these toys, make believe with cardboard boxes and junk art materials. 

PSE – Enjoy the story of Farmer Duck. Poor Farmer Duck he had to work very hard on that farm – how can you help with the work around the house?

LL – Enjoy the story What The Ladybird Heard, and help the grown ups tell the story by joining in with all of the rhyming words. Don’t forget to find the ladybird in all of the illustrations.

Eco – Where does butter come from? This is an interesting activity for everyone. Use the internet to find out what butter is made from and how it gets from the farm to your house for your toast! You can even try making your own using the website “Not Just Cute”.

AND JUST FOR FUN – Create a poster or scene of a farm using any materials you have available, you might even like to add baa baa black sheep using a sponge and some boot polish!

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