At home activities – Under the sea

At home activities – Under the sea

We live on an island and going to the beach is a pretty common outing for many kids, but learning all about the ocean is still exciting as underwater worlds always entice us with the magic and mystery.

Eco – Start with your eco school work this time. Take some time to learn about underwater animals by watching the YouTube collection All Things Animals TV.

WAU – Enjoy some under water small world play, using a small basin of water or adding the animals to your bath. Add blue jelly or slime to create an extra sensory experience.

EMD – Use different shapes to make an underwater picture; a star fish, a circle jellyfish, an octopus with rectangular legs, fish with triangular tails.

Arts – Create your own paper bag jelly fish. Paint the closed end of the bag your favourite colour, add some googley eyes and then cut or tear the open end of the bag to make its wiggle.

PD – Use a big ball of blue tac or play dough to roll and shape into a big ball. Stick lots of tooth picks into it to make your own sea urchin. 

LL – Keep your blue tac or blue play dough (why not add some glitter to make it shimmer like the sea?!) to make some letters, getting ready for big school. You can use cutters, you can shape the letters using the dough, or you can print the letters in the dough using shells.

PSE – Enjoy the story Rainbow Fish together to find out why it is so important to share and what makes it so great. 

AND JUST FOR FUN – Create an underwater cinema adding blue blankets or sheets to the windows to change the lighting, then plunge into your imagination! Enjoy watching Finding Nemo, or Finding Dory, or both! 

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