At home activities – To infinity and beyond

At home activities – To infinity and beyond

For children space is the opportunity to explore the unknown and the possibility for adventure. Let’s follow the lead of Buzz Lightyear to continue learning right to the end of the school year. Who knows where we will end up next week?

 WAU – Get the grow ups to visit Primary Homework Helper and watch how the earth spins to turn us from day to night and back again.

EMD – Use our printable resources to mix and match, exploring shape and pattern, light and shadows. Try making your own shadow patterns.

PSE – You can enjoy the funny book Aliens Love Underpants! The grown ups can visit the NSPCC Pants programme here, to talk to you when the time is right. More information and resources can be found on the NSPCC website.

PD – Pop on your spacesuit (a comfy onesie) and join cosmic kids yoga, with Mike the space monkey for some yoga. Cosmic Kids Yoga is available on Youtube or can be found in your mobile and tablet app store.

LL – Being creative can also be good preparation for starting school. Practise your lines and letters in a tray of “moon sand“.

Arts – Use craft and junk art materials to make your own Buzz Lightyear mission control armband. Experiment with different ways to join materials together.

Eco – We can learn lots from books and we don’t have to buy them. Visit the “library” and chose how you want to explore space.

AND JUST FOR FUN – It’s time to go to Pizza Planet! Pull some ingredients together as a family to make the perfect pizza. When it’s ready to eat, why not enjoy it together in front of the TV to watch Toy Story.

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