At home activities – The Hungry Caterpillar

At home activities – The Hungry Caterpillar

While last week we were talking slugs and snails, and Mrs Coulter has been looking after the stick insects, this week it’s the turn of a caterpillar… a very hungry caterpillar.

Since its creation in 1969, The Very Hungry Caterpillar has become a children’s classic and a book that we return to every year in Nursery. While we won’t be able to set up our butterfly farm this year, why not try some of these activities at home. 

LL –See Eric Carle, the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, reading his classic book out loud.  It allows us to listen to the story again through the voice of the author. 

PSE – This story is a great way to to explore new foods. Choose some of the healthy foods from the story and see if you enjoy eating them too. But remember, don’t eat too much or your end up with a stomach ache just like the caterpillar. 

WAU – Explore the life cycle of a caterpillar. Visit this “super teacher” website to make your own printables to make the caterpillar lifecycle together. 

PD – Draw, colour and cut out some fruit shapes. Chomp and munch through the fruit shapes using a caterpillar hole punch to strengthen your fingers and develop your coordination.

EMD – As well a being able to develop great counting skills, by counting each of the food that the caterpillar ate, this story is a bit like our road safety calendar and helps us learn the days of the week. 

Arts – Make the classic egg carton caterpillar. Yes, it’s been done many times before, but it’s one of those memorable activities (and keepsakes) that every kid loves.

Eco – Make a “grass head” caterpillar. Mix grass seed in with potting soil and then use this to fill up a stocking. Tie at the end with string and water until saturated. Water your caterpillar every day after and watch it grow. When the grass gets too long you can give it a “haircut.”

AND JUST FOR FUN – Visit the Sainsbury’s website to view all of the tasty recipes you can make with the ingredients listed in the book or make their beautiful butterfly cakes. Remember if you haven’t got sprinkles these buns are just as tasty without them, so need to go to the shops.

Playboard NI has also released a useful leaflet about children at play during this time. While it is geared towards helping children who have been placed in open school settings, some parents may find it helpful when preparing activities for their children (nursery or older) at home. Please click here to check it out.

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