At home activities – The Easter Bunny

At home activities – The Easter Bunny

You’re a good egg, so be a bright little bunny this Easter!

Boys and girls, your teachers miss you very much and hope you have a happy holiday with your families. We are going to take a little break and enjoy some tasty treats this weekend. Wishing you a wonderful Easter full of laughter, fun and joy. Happy Easter!

PSE – Enjoy the book Little Rabbit Foo Foo online, and talk about the rabbit’s behaviour… Is he like other rabbits we know, maybe those from the Peter Rabbit series available on CBeebies.

LL  – Listen carefully to the sounds. Which words rhyme with Foo Foo? A blue shoe, a new loo, can we make up some silly words like woo too?

EMD – Gather up some items from around the house and sort them by size – which ones are little, which ones are big? Are any of items tiny or are any of the items huge?

PD – Use the music from the story to act it out, really exaggerating the movements. Any time we need to burn off some energy we can always jump along to Sleeping Bunnies. 

Arts – Using cardboard tubes, trace around or print with paint to make Easter bunny pictures –

WAU – When Pets at Home came to visit, they told us rabbits mainly eat grass and dandelions. We know that TV bunnies all eat carrots so let’s get some on plates this week. 

Try carrots cooked or raw (or hidden). Grown ups can get kids involved in the prep i.e. washing, peeling, chopping, but always supervised of course. 

Eco – Have an eco easter egg hunt with real boiled eggs rather than plastic ones. These can then be enjoyed in sandwiches for lunch and their shells put in the brown bin. 

AND FOR FUN – After Easter, use up any chocolate eggs to bake with. Easter bark and rocky road are both very easy to make, but if your have shredded wheat cereal you can always make birds nest buns.

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