At home activities – The Dragon’s Lair

At home activities – The Dragon’s Lair

Today we are staying in the realm of make-believe, but we are going to venture below the castle and visit the dragon’s lair.

PSE *** “Fergal is Fuming” is one of my all time favourite books at nursery, if you can get your hands on a copy I would definitely recommend you read it and talk about it together. I was trying to find a good online copy to share with you but came across a different video by the author Robert Sterling. It is perfect for this moment to help your children explore their personal experiences, social connections and emotions during this weird time in lock down. At the end, please remind your little dragons their teachers and assistants miss them very much. 

LL – Share the traditional folk song of Puff the magic dragon. Watch the video which presents the song as a story. Talk about the main features of the book – the cover, how the pages are turned, who wrote it etc. 

PD – Time for something more upbeat so let’s “Fly Like a Dragon”. Follow this movement and music song and remember to move your body as big, as wide, as high as possible. 

Arts – Get the whole family together to make a Chinese dragon using a blanket or sheet. Everyone link conga style and throw the sheet over your heads, but make sure the dragon at the front can see where you are going. 

WAU – While it is fun to think of dragons as real creatures, many stories in the past were of fearsome creatures which were defeated by a brave knight and his sword. Can you make a sword connecting junk art materials?

EMD – Use finger-paint to make a dragon’s scales. Choose 2, or 3 colours and make a repeating pattern, red blue green red blue green… When you are finished the grown ups can roll your page into a cone and tape it to make your own dragon’s tail. 

Eco – Encourage some healthy eating by making, then tasting dragons eggs. Click here for the full instructions on the Raising Dragons website. 

AND JUST FOR FUN – More healthy eating but with tortilla crisps! Prepare a mild salsa and enjoy with some crisps. If its hot, breathe out the dragon’s fire and drink some water or milk. If you are adventurous, add a bit more heat. 

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