At home activities – Sing A Rainbow!

At home activities – Sing A Rainbow!

We have seen the beautiful rainbows that you have made for your windows and can view the rainbows in our own neighbours windows as well. Who knows, with this weather, we will probably see many more in the sky as the sun and rain continues to collide.

Arts – Sing a rainbow!

Sing a rainbow with Mr Tumble on CBeebies Songs

WAU & EMD – Have some fun completing a rainbow scavenger hunt, finding and naming all the items that you find. Find something red… find something that is orange… yellow… green… blue… purple… pink. Display your rainbow objects on the windowsill to share with your neighbours outside

LL – Making lists

  • Name a fruit that is red
  • Name an animal that is orange
  • Name a vegetable that is yellow
  • Name a plant that is green
  • Name something outside that is blue
  • Name something inside that is purple
  • Name a flower that is pink

PSE – Collect some stones or pebbles from your garden or daily walk. Paint rainbows on the rock and leave on the doorsteps of family and friends to make them smile.

PD – Use scissors to cut (or smaller fingers can tear) out some strips of different colours from an old magazine. Use these strips to make a beautiful, colourful collage. 

Eco – As part of our eco school we continue to learn about taking care of our bodies. These rainbow fruit kabobs are a tasty way of eating healthy.

AND JUST FOR FUN – For those day when we want to enjoy a treat, try working with the grown ups to bake this beautiful rainbow cake.

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