At home activities – Kings and Queens

At home activities – Kings and Queens

We hope you had fun with the Ballymena Castle ideas for home learning last week. This week why don’t you celebrate the saying, “every man’s home is their castle,” and allow the children to be kings and queens of their own imaginary realm. 

For some of these activities you can download and print the resource pack Kings and Queens. If you cannot print a copy please draw a template of a mirror, a castle and a shield for your child to complete.

LL – Start with a fairytale! This could be Cinderella or The Emperor’s New Clothes, or my favourite, a much more modern fairytale, “You Can’t Eat a Princess!”

PSE – Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all – you are my friend! Draw your portrait in the mirror. The grown ups could also write all the best things about you for you to keep forever.

WAU – If you didn’t make a castle last week, you can try it now. Use boxes, lego, blocks, sofa cushions, whatever you have at home. If you have already built a successful castle, you can colour in the Queen’s palace.

EMD – Use the shield from the resources to practise both colours and shapes. A grown up can read the instructions to you but you can design the rest of the shield any way you can imagine. 

PD – Remember that music and movement lesson with “The Grand Old Duke of York”? Revisit it now, swing those arms and lift those knees as you march around as an armed guard. 

Arts – Who will you be today – a king, a queen, a prince, a princess, a knight, a maiden?? Bring out the dressing up you have or use some of mum and dad’s old stuff (if they allow you!) to make some royal garments. 

Eco – To balance out using paper for the kings and queens resource pack, why not challenge yourself to a paper free day when you’re done! You can use the back of a cardboard box that was destined for the recycle bin instead.

AND JUST FOR FUN – Visit Windsor Castle. No, really. Take the virtual tour and have a look inside a real castle that is used by the royal family. Then, once “normality” returns, a visit to Carrickfergus Castle of Belfast Castle (and adventure playground) are must do family trips. 

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