At home activities – Keeping Clean

At home activities – Keeping Clean

Today let’s turn a negative into a positive – let’s make keeping clean fun. We have covered lots of these ideas in school already but now is the time to reinforce it at home. Ready boys and girls… 

PSE – Let’s get a clean routine ASAP. Eat a healthy breakfast, brush your teeth, put on clean clothes and enjoy time at home. End the day with another great routine that we started earlier in the year; brush, bath, book, bed. 

LL – Using Overdrive you can enjoy the book How To Clean Your Room In 10 Easy Steps! It’s supposed to be funny so don’t take it too seriously – mum and dad can teach you how to clean up properly. 

EMD – You can help with chores too. Pair socks for the grown ups and then you can sort them by colour. Are they black, white, something else? Can you name the colours?

PD – Get bubbles involved, whether in the bath or washing our hands. If you can, take your bubbles out to the garden so the you can run, catch, jump higher and move more.

WAU – Revisit our nursery experiments about germs. Use the glitter experiment to show how germs are spread and use the pepper experiment to show how soap keeps the germs away. The grown ups can google these if they haven’t seen these before.

Arts – Pick a certain time every day, just like at nursery, to tidy up and sing a tidy up song together. Here’s ours but there are many more to chose from online. 

“Let’s be tidy, put your toys away

Let’s be tidy, put your toys away

If you’re nice and tidy at the end of every day

You’ll know where your toys are

When next you want to play”

Eco – To get some fresh air, put on some gloves, go out to the garden with the grown ups and have a clean up. Unwanted litter needs to go in the black bin and weeds need to go in the  brown bin. 

AND JUST FOR FUN – Help the grown ups make a milkshake, my favourite is chocolate, yummy! Only fill your cup up a little way and before you drink it all, grab a straw and blow some bubbles. Don’t forget to do the washing up afterwards.

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