At home activities – In The Garden

You don’t need a big green garden to enjoy learning about the outdoors. My garden at home is mostly concrete and stones, but I do have one bright pink cherry tree that everybody loves. What do you love about your garden at home, or about the garden at nursery?

WAU – Talk about the differences between the various plants and different parts of the plants themselves that you can see in your garden. If you have no plants in your garden, just like Mrs McMullan, you can talk about the buildings you can see from where you live, what makes them the same and what makes them different from one another.

LL – There are many different books about bugs that can be found in our gardens. In Nursery we always enjoy “Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell” or “Doug the Bug that Went Boing” by Sue Hendra. Which ones do you like?

PD – Lots of different games can be played in the garden – chasing, hide and seek, hopscotch, limbo, mini olympics, what time is it Mr. Wolf… you chose!

PSE – Working together on the garden is togetherness time for families. You build bonds and make memories from your experiences in the garden. Stay home, stay safe, stay active, stay happy. 

EMD – Get the grown ups to draw a rough map of the garden. Put in new plants you think would look good, or new ideas that you think would be fun. Think about the different shapes that would fit in the space. 

Arts – Why not try some role play this week? You can play in a mud kitchen with old pots and pans. You can be a florist working in a garden centre. You can be anything. 

Eco – Can you make something to invite creatures to live in your garden? It could be a stick pile for bugs, a house for birds, or grow wildflowers for bees. 

AND JUST FOR FUN – Paint with water! Get the grown ups to fill a bucket or paint tray with water and you can paint the house, paint the fence, paint the ground

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