At home activities – Going to the beach

At home activities – Going to the beach

Thankfully the weather is a little warmer and a little brighter and restrictions are being relaxed. We might soon ben able to visit the beach again without forward planning and sticking to rules, but until it is safe, please take care if you do go to the beach.

PSE – Just like show and tell and this fantastic photo, use pictures, postcards or souvenirs to talk about happy memories from a trip to the beach. You can also plan your next day out!

Art – Get dad or grandad to get you some sandpaper to do some textured art. You can do rubbings by putting paper on top of the sandpaper or you can draw directly on to the sandpaper using crayons.

WAU – Time to go “exploring”. Use the internet, DVD’s or online streaming documentaries to visit a rock pool and see all of the different animals hidden there.

PD – Grab a beach ball (a soft ball or a balloon will do) for a game of beach volley ball in your garden. Even if you cannot get to the beach it can come to you.

EMD – If you can get to the beach or even a sandpit, build some sandcastles. Use great maths words to tell the grown ups what you are doing – empty full, heavy light, big small

LL – Can you remember what Stickman was mistaken for at the beach…? A flag! Even the most unexpected books, like Stickman, talk about going to the beach. Which is your favourite?

Eco – If you can take a trip to the beach, encourage your family to help you with a clean up. Make sure you bring ALL of your litter home with you. Maybe even use a plastic bag to pick up someones else’s litter and put it safely in a bin.

FOR FUN – Create a beach at home – blow up a raft in your bedroom room to have a snooze, get the paddling pool inflated outside, have picnic on the kitchen floor, sit on your inflatables, a crocodile or unicorn chair would be fun to watch a movie

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