At home activities – April Fools

At home activities – April Fools

Tomorrow is a new month and begins with a silly start so let’s stay positive. Have fun! Be silly x

PSE – Talk about things which make you smile and things which make you laugh. Remember it is fun to laugh with others but not laugh at them, that would hurt their feelings.

WAU – If you can, look through a real calendar (or go online if you need to) first to see we are changing months, it’s no longer MARCH! but to get the grown ups to point out the different holidays at different times of the year.  

LL – Have you got a favourite book that is really silly, mine is called “You Can’t Eat A Princess”. Enjoy any book together and use silly voices for the different characters.

EMD – Have you got the game “Twister”? If you have, get it out and give it a go! If not the most family board games will help with colours and numbers. 

Arts – “Drip drip drip little April showers” If you have chalk at home, head outside and draw some fantastic pictures in the garden. Watch for the next April shower to see how it changes your art. 

PD – Play either “Do this do that” or “Simon says” and make it as silly and speedy as you like! Make sure to take turns who is the leader, everyone has different ideas. 

Eco – Have an at home fashion show by recycling, reusing, remodeling some old clothes. You can make something you might wear again or you can make something you will want no photographic evidence of! This idea is modeled by a familiar face aged 3 in the photo above, I wonder who it is…?

AND JUST FOR FUN – Why are pirate called pirates…? Because they AAARRRGGGH!

Tell jokes to each other, make everybody smile. If you want to share jokes and photos with your friends you can send them to your classmates using our app. 

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