20 Ways in 20 Days, 2020 Challenge

There are 20 days left this month, so a little Eco challenge to keep you going is the “20 ways in 20 days” challenge. Remember to stay home and stay safe, adults need to supervise their children at all times and ensure good hand washing after each activity. Can you do all of these things before the end of the month?

  1. Lighten up your energy bills, turn of unused lights
  2. Don’t lose sleep over this tip, enable sleep mode on electronic devices
  3. Taste it don’t waste it, use up food leftovers or make scraps into soups
  4. Meatless Mondays, try something different like omlette or risotto
  5. Green grown ups can switch their bills to online only saving paper
  6. Nature lovers unite, have a bird watch or bug hunt in your garden
  7. Repair and repurpose, fix an old unused item and make it useful again
  8. Make April showers shorter, set yourself a timer in the shower
  9. Celebrate the sun and the wind, and air dry your laundry
  10. Monday 20th is Earth Day, name your favourite thing from the Earth
  11. Help your garden, crush eggs shells and add them to soil or compost
  12. Plant seeds, you don’t need to shop for them, use what’s in your fridge
  13. Beeee a hero, make a bee hotel for your garden
  14. Don’t be rubbish, sort out your recycling
  15. Plastic to fantastic, design your own reusable bag for life
  16. Stay active, stay hydrated, drink tap water instead of bottles or juice
  17. Water’s not waste, collect rain water to water the plants on a dry day
  18. Support charities and sort your old things you wish to donate later
  19. Lighten the laundry load, switch to an eco or cool wash
  20. Plan-et out, make a list of 20 eco activities you can do in the summer

Go forth and go green you Eco warriors. Remember if you take any photos and want to share them with your classmates you can add them to our app.

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